10 Reasons to Utilize Executive Recruiter Services

When it comes to top-level positions, the true cost of a bad hire is substantial and can lead to reputational damage, financial burdens, and strategic setbacks. Just a few weeks of bad decision-making can have an impact on a company that can be difficult to repair.

So, what can you do to ensure the next executive hires are an appropriate fit? Utilize an executive recruiter. PrincePerelson and Associates is proud to provide an executive search that delivers results to immediately make a positive impact for your organization.

What is an executive recruiter?

Executive recruiters specialize in identifying and connecting companies with high quality candidates for senior roles. They have a different approach to candidate sourcing than contingency search firms, and they often work closely with the client to understand the facets of the role as well as company culture.

Why use executive recruiter services?

There are many benefits to executive search over contingent. Below are 10 reasons to get in touch with an executive recruiter for your next leadership role.

1. Your organization is new to the concept

Since most companies aren’t looking to fill these roles regularly, personnel in charge of the recruitment process internally may have limited knowledge of how to approach it. They may not have a full understanding of the position, its qualifications, and its demands. A recruiter with expertise in this field will have a clearer understanding of the types of experience needed for these roles and the responsibilities they entail. Plus, executive recruiters usually have extensive networks of candidates with experience in similar positions and can headhunt the ideal talent based on the exact needs of the firm. They may be able to tap into talent that you can’t access through conventional recruitment channels.

2. You have technical positions to fill

Today’s executive positions require professionals with a specific set of skills. For example, a CIO needs to have a background in tech, plus, they must be creative, analytical, and possess strong leadership qualities. Executive recruiters have the processes and resources to find people for difficult roles.

3. You’re looking to hire for the long-term

Unlike contingency search firms, who set hired employees as the benchmark for success, executive recruiters define success based on the longevity and continuity of their recommended personnel. Many people will have the skills on paper, but an executive recruitment company has the means to tell which individual has the right potential to work in a top-level position for the long-term and contribute to the organization’s future growth.

4. You want to replace under-performing executives

Another key benefit of using an executive search is discretion. A lot of companies out there are looking to replace under-performing leaders, but they won’t show anyone the exit until they find a suitable replacement. An executive recruiter is confidential in the process of identifying the replacement while acting as a trusted advisor to the HR manager. Even if the replacement currently works at a company you know, the recruiter will maintain discretion and professionalism so that you’re able to keep a healthy organizational relationship.

5. You’re aiming for diversity

Diverse teams are stronger, smarter teams. Working with individuals from different backgrounds can help you broaden your organization’s thinking, appeal to a wider audience, and be more creative. Using an executive recruiter can help prevent organizations from resorting to status quo hiring. Because internal managers may look for mirror images of themselves (both in terms of personality types and skills), executive recruiters can be key in helping you break out of a rut and introduce invaluable diversity to your firm.

6. Your personal referrals and networks are exhausted

If your personal referrals and networks are no longer capable of providing you with recommendations, consider enlisting the help of an executive recruiter. They have the capability to headhunt candidates from the whole market, not just people actively seeking an executive job. Their recommendation networks can be very far-reaching, as they’re working with many companies at a time and know that a large database of qualified candidates is crucial to keep their engine running.

7. You don’t have time to screen resumes

The 500 something resumes you’ve received from your job listing may seem like a goldmine, until you start looking through them to find those few (if any) that will match your needs. The time you’ll take to sift through that large batch of digital files could be geared towards growing your business. The right executive recruiter will whittle hundreds of responses down to just the 5-10 most qualified. Without investing any of your time, you’ll end up with a short-list of qualified candidates that have been screened, researched, and interviewed.

8. You’re looking for a good ROI on executive hiring

It’s an old adage that you get what you pay for. The right executive will pay for themselves, and if you utilize the services of an executive recruiter when seeking out the best talent, your ROI will likely be much higher than if you hired conventionally and simply hoped that the person you recruited would work out.

9. You want the best for your company

Overall, executive recruiters work on fewer projects, and their hands-on approach offers the customer unmatched attention to detail. General recruiters, on the other hand, are in a constant state of expansion, which limits the attention required for an executive search. A sizable customer base may be excellent for their growth, but it might not be the best for you, which is why it makes sense to work with an executive recruiter.

10. A current executive search is taking longer than expected

In order to decrease time to hire, or if an existing search is at a standstill, it’s time to get in touch with an executive search firm. PrincePerelson’s executive search division specializes in partnering with you to hire the right person for your team. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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