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12 Reasons December Is a Great Time to Recruit

Throughout December, most businesses slow down when it comes to productivity, with some even closing down completely for the holiday season.

During this festive time, year-end functions and Christmas parties are the order of the day. However, that doesn’t mean that recruitment should take a backseat.

In this last stretch of the year as people focus on New Year’s resolutions, there is an increase in jobseekers looking to make a fresh start. It may be employees who want to move on to greener pastures or unemployed people seeking to make a change in the New Year. Whatever the catalyst, the result is a prime opportunity for recruiters to up their game.

Below is a list of 12 reasons why December is a great time to recruit.

1. Stay ahead of the competition

Many companies make the mistake of moving recruitment down on their priority list during December, in spite of the fact that there are plenty of candidates in job-hunting mode. This gives you the perfect opportunity to snatch up the best candidates right from under your competitors’ noses. Not only will this enable you to start the New Year off with a greater headcount, but it also means that you can relax during the hiring frenzy that is synonymous with January.

2. Rise in social media activity

During the holiday season, prospects spend more time on social media to get in touch with their friends and family, shop online for Christmas gifts, and post pictures of social events.

Lighter workloads during December also afford jobseekers more free time to update their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

This makes it easier for recruiters to reach out to potential candidates through online platforms.

3. Get a head start

You don’t want to start the New Year off in a hiring rush. By starting to fill your vacancies during December, you can avoid the stress of entering a new business year with an incomplete staff.

Because business is slow during the holidays, you’ll also have more time to carefully review resumes, vet potential candidates, and conduct thoughtful interviews. This will ensure that you hire the right person to fulfill the role.

4. Prospects re-evaluate their finances

The festive season is parallel to loads and loads of spending. According to Deloitte,the average US household is expected to dish out nearly $1,500 during the 2019 holidays. This causes many consumers to accrue holiday debt during this time. According to MagnifyMoney’s Holiday Debt Survey, the average American racked up more than $1,200 in debt over the 2018 holiday season.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to attract prospects who are reconsidering their financial situation and looking for a job that offers a competitive salary.

5. Fall graduates

Up to a third of college students graduate at the end of the year. Being fresh out of college, most of them will immediately start looking to get employed.

College graduates are usually longing for opportunities to grow, improve their skill set, and expand their knowledge. You can leverage this influx of candidates, and add a few fresh minds to your company.

6. Homesickness

During the holidays, many people travel home to be with their families. While visiting, they may feel the need to move closer to home so they can spend more time with their loved ones.

This is a great chance for recruiters to target potential candidates and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

7. Employed individuals have more flexibility

With the cheerful atmosphere of the festive season, employers are more flexible in giving staff members time off. They are more understanding during this time as many employees request a few hours off to go Christmas shopping, run errands, pick up relatives from the airport, etc.

This also means they’ll be able to leave the office in order to meet personally with recruiters or attend interviews.

8. Social events

Social events are opportunities to meet new leads, and December has plenty of them—from office parties to Christmas-themed social gatherings at local restaurants.

These events allow you to grow your network of connections, meet and probe new prospects, and gain insight into jobseekers’ needs and requirements.

It also affords you the chance to approach potential candidates and offer them a position within your company.

9. Not all cultures celebrate December holidays

The world is a collection of diverse individuals with varying cultures, religions, and beliefs. It’s a given that not everyone will celebrate during the December holidays.

For example, Christmas Day is just an ordinary business day for those of Chinese origin. Even Chinese schools remain open during this time.

Because the US is a melting pot of cultural diversity, not all candidates will take time off during the holiday season. This means you can continue your normal recruiting activities before the start of the New Year.

10. December is a gift-giving season…

…and what better gift to receive than a new job with great perks!

Recruiters should take advantage of the opportunity to change prospects’ lives by offering them a great job. From a jobseeker’s perspective, there is nothing better than having solace in knowing you’ll start the New Year off with a great working opportunity. So why not make someone’s Christmas sparkle by helping them end their stressful job search in December.

11. Temporary job seekers

During the holidays, many individuals may be looking for temp jobs.

As you may already know, temp jobs often lead to permanent employment. This is a great time for you to employ temporary workers as you’ll be able to test their skills in the field to see whether they’ll be a good fit for your company.

12. Plenty of time for planning

Even if you decide to seize recruiting activities during December, you can use the extra free time you have on your hands to do some planning.

You can take your time working through analytics and build an effective strategy to improve your recruiting process moving forward.

You can also focus on researching various platforms to implement in your new strategy, or approach a professional recruitment agency for some expert advice.


Don’t succumb to the common misperception that December is not ideal for recruiting. In reality, the holiday season can be an ideal window for you to find and hire new employees to contribute to your growth and success in the coming year.