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Top 5 Reasons Companies Continually Partner with PrincePerelson to Find Exceptional Talent

All of us are rapidly adjusting to the new reality, yet we’ve also been reminded that regardless of the unemployment rate, the degree of difficulty involved in finding top-tier talent remains the same. That was true before the pandemic, and remains true today. Taking this into consideration, we’ve determined that there are typically five main reasons companies continually partner with PrincePerelson to find exceptional talent:

Top 5 Reasons Companies Continually Partner with PrincePerelson to Find Exceptional Talent

1. Time savings—A company’s HR department can often be overrun by resumes and applications, keeping it from making any substantial progress in its search for qualified candidates. Our recruiting teams offer a full lifecycle approach to take care of the entire talent search process, meaning that company officials can devote more time to their critical tasks, increasing their productivity and focusing on the business.

2. More passive candidates, less active job seekers—While active job seekers aren’t necessarily unqualified, chances are good that the best passive candidates in the market aren’t going to actively seek and apply to online job postings. In fact, some of them may not be looking for a new job; however, they would be open to considering an ideal opportunity, if that opportunity were presented to them. We are constantly updating and maintaining large candidate pools to ensure that we find the optimal fit for our clients.

3. Confidentiality—Many searches we receive are due to extremely sensitive reasons and require a high degree of confidentiality, which also extends to protecting candidates’ information. This not only preserves the integrity of your recruiting process, but helps build and develop trust between the candidate and your company.

4. A partner throughout the entire process—Our firm partners with a diverse portfolio of clients throughout the entire recruiting, interviewing, hiring, AND on-boarding process to ensure a successful and qualified hire is made, along with a successful match for your unique office culture and company vision.

5. Eyes and ears within the industry and in the marketplace— We are a full-service firm and our tenured recruiters work “in the trenches” day in and day out. They know what’s happening in the employment marketplace overall, and their clients’ industries in particular. They know where to find top talent, and they know what the top companies are doing. This is useful information to which companies gain access to in partnering with PrincePerelson.