4 Reasons You Should Partner with a Local Recruiting Firm

January 25, 2018 6:56 pm

If you have found yourself reading this article, you’re most likely considering the possibility of working with a local recruiting firm in Salt Lake City, Utah.

So, what real difference is there between a partnership with a local firm and choosing a national or international recruiting firm? How do you select the right partnership for your company? We’re here to help you examine some of the reasons you might want to work with a staffing partner local to Salt Lake City.

  1. Understanding local market intelligence

A recruiting firm located out of state or even the country will be unaware of local market challenges. Knowing the job temperament of your backyard requires a staff that specializes in placing Utah talent with Utah companies. Because PrincePerelson has been headquartered in Utah since 1992, we know the unique culture and business needs of the State.

  1. Access to local talent, quickly

PrincePerelson is a local Salt Lake-based recruiting firm and is extensively involved with the local community.  A local firm has pre-existing relationships with the area’s talent and can connect you with great candidates in your area much more quickly than an outsider firm starting from square one.

  1. Customization

Rather than providing a standard menu of recruiting options, a local agency will consult with you in person to develop a personalized recruitment plan. On each search, PrincePerelson will work with you to create a hiring strategy specifically with your company goals and budget in mind.  Whether you are hiring an executive, manager, specialized talent, temporary professional or for your call center, we have solutions for you.

  1. Support Local

PrincePerelson will be selecting talent from an already robust talent pool that is accessible and seeking employment opportunities in Utah.  Contributing to the Salt Lake City job market is what we do.  PrincePerelson is local, by design.


Are you looking for a local staffing firm to help you with your current workforce needs? Contact the team at PrincePerleson & Associates today at 801.532.1000 or at for additional information.