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5 Ways a Temporary Staffing Agency Benefits Your Business

Running a successful business requires a blend of many skills. Perhaps the most important of them all is the ability to respond quickly and adeptly to change. Customer needs, client preferences, market demand, materials costs, tax laws, and target demographics can and do change regularly. Businesses able to adjust their marketing strategy, services, and products to align with new targets will continue to thrive regardless of the fluctuations.

While permanent employees are best equipped to meet the needs of the organization and affect these changes, sudden increases in workload or significant changes in the skill set required may necessitate hiring more individuals. This process will look different for every organization. However, for many, it would be wise to consider whether a Salt Lake City temporary staffing firm would be the ideal partner to help meet your staffing needs.

Understanding Temporary Staffing

If you have never had temporary employees, it is essential to note that the arrangement between an employer and a temporary employee is unique. Temporary employees work for the temp agency that places them in a position at your business. Even though they work for your organization, they receive their paycheck, benefits, and insurance through the agency.

Temps fill roles while permanent employees are on leave, expand teams during periods of increased customer demand, or bring unique skills to an organization for a set period of time. If you are considering hiring employees temporarily, it is essential to understand the benefits and potential drawbacks.

The Benefits of Temporary Staffing

1. Saves You Time

Launching a search when your employees are already overwhelmed may leave your team feeling overworked and underwater. The goal of bringing in temporary employees is to reduce the load on your permanent staff while maintaining productivity. A temporary staffing agency can streamline your efforts and expedite the process of filling the gaps. Because they have a pool of pre-screened candidates, they can quickly provide you with skilled employees ready to work. The agency vets their qualifications; you only need to determine if they are a good fit for your organization.

2. Saves You Money

The services a temp agency provides are not free. The cost to your company for using their services is usually a mark-up on the salary paid to the employee. It will vary depending on the individual’s skills and value to the organization. While this may sound costly, the savings in other areas counteract these costs.

Because temporary employees are employees of the temporary agency and not your company, their benefits, taxes, workers’ compensation, and liability are all the agency’s responsibility. You pay the agency directly, and they disperse compensation to the employee at the agreed-upon rate. Especially if you only plan to keep the employee on for a short time, the cost of a temporary employee will be less than hiring them permanently.

3. Offers You Flexibility

Do you know what your staffing needs will be next year or even six months from now? Predicting the future of your growing company, especially at first, can feel next to impossible. While you hope for the best, you may not want to start hiring like a thriving business until you see the money rolling in. Until you realize your dreams, it may be wise to rely on temporary staffing to meet your growing staffing needs.

You may find out down the road that this increase was an anomaly rather than the norm. In those cases, you can easily downsize your workforce to match the workload, saving your hard-earned money for the day when business does take off. This strategy also works well for companies that experience seasonal fluctuations in business.

4. Reduces Your Commitment

Hiring an employee and then discovering they aren’t as talented as you had hoped, lack the skills you thought they had, or don’t get along with the rest of the team can be frustrating. By the time you discover the hiring mismatch, you have significant time and money invested into the recruitment, onboarding, and training processes. Getting rid of a bad hire can be messy at best and may increase the workload for the rest of the team.

A temporary employee requires less investment and less commitment. Your obligation to employ them has a time limit. If they don’t quite fit, that’s ok. Everyone involved understands that employment is temporary. If they have the right skills and fit your company culture well, you may be able to extend their contract or hire them permanently from the agency. This arrangement allows employees and employers to get to know each other before signing a long-term agreement.

5. Expands the Talent Pool

Often, the key to finding great employees is knowing where to find them. Job boards, LinkedIn, employee referrals, and social media are all excellent ways to connect with potential applicants. However, temp agencies have access to a pool of individuals who are seeking temporary job placements. They know each individual’s skills and abilities and which jobs they can fill well. Tapping into their pool of applicants can be a boon for your business.

The Flip Side

Temporary staffing firms are an excellent resource for many businesses, placing 14.5 million temporary and contract workers annually. However, temporary staffing is not without potential flaws. Handing over employee screening and hiring can lead to mismatches between your company’s needs and culture and the candidates. You may feel like you have less control over hiring decisions. Temporary employees may not mesh well with the rest of the team or make an effort to fit in. They may still need training on company protocols and may feel less vested in project outcomes because they are temporary.

Making the most of temporary staffing begins with choosing the right firm. Clearly communicate your needs and the traits you want candidates to have before they start identifying candidates. Collaborating early in the search process can lead to a more successful outcome. Likewise, company-wide efforts to fully integrate temporary employees into the organization will increase productivity and success.

Temporary staffing can be an excellent business tool for those who can successfully leverage the benefits for all involved.