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5 Ways to Recruit New Team Members for Your Growing Startup Company

Recruiting new personnel is one of the highest impact moves you can make for your business at any stage, but specifically in the growth stages. Adding new talent to your team will enhance your organization’s capabilities, as well as bring new perspectives to the functions your business performs.

However, finding the best candidates can be challenging as other businesses compete to staff their own teams. The key to successfully expanding your corporate squad is to follow a proven recruitment strategy. Below are some tips to help find the perfect match for your team.

1. Determine The Skillsets You Require

Although your recruiting needs will vary based on what kind of service or product you offer, consider what skillsets are missing from the company. You can even create new roles if they offer better workflows, increased cost-savings, or improved technical knowledge. For example, a web development company may be able to gain additional value by volume hiring for React Native developers to handle new projects.

2. Post a Vacancy with a Motivating, Clear Job Description

Mentioning exactly what you are searching for in candidates will set expectations about what you need in the ideal hire. Doing this will move both you and the candidates closer to a mutual fit.

The most successful job descriptions follow a simple sequence; they contain (1) a description of the employing company (2) a brief summary of the position, and (3) the criteria the employer is seeking in an applicant. How it’s all worded can have a significant impact on the quality and quantity of responses.

Make sure to use inspiring, clear, and relevant language. A potential employee should have a very good understanding of the company culture, team, and work expectations from viewing the job description. Writing exaggerated or extraneous details could inhibit qualified people from applying or set the wrong expectations with individuals who consider the role.

Make sure that you are familiar with what sort of background or education a good candidate should have (for a specific role). Don’t neglect job-specific forums, websites, and blogs as ways to both learn about a candidate’s abilities and connect with them on a personal level. Combine data from all of these sources to get a good insight into the talent you’re searching for, and encourage them to apply for your positions.

LinkedIn and Facebook messaging, for instance, are good channels for getting feedback. By presenting a unique and well-worded job proposition, you’ll get people to share the position with those who are qualified or even consider becoming a part of your team themselves.

3. Use Everyone’s Favorite Marketing Tool

A company will send hundreds to thousands of emails in a week. Consider having your current teams modify their signature to let others know the company is looking for new personnel. The content for the signature can be something like: “We are looking for new people. Click here to learn more.”

The link could then redirect to the job description page with more details on how to apply. A pro tip is to ensure the page is optimized for smartphones and features a video or two. Videos are powerful tools for attracting high-quality job applicants.

4. Assess Their Problem-solving Skills

Your screening process can help narrow down the pool of applicants to the most qualified ones. Start by getting in touch with strong applicants to ask about their previous employers, achievements, and claims.

Another good idea is to test their problem-solving skills during the interview stage.You can do this by moving your focus away from their resume and assessing their thought processes. Ask questions like, “What’s the key reason behind the rising number of divorces, and what can you do to lower the count?”

It’s not about asking a relevant question – it’s about knowing the strategy they adopt to resolve an unforeseen problem. How are they approaching the question? What creative assumptions are they making to find the answer? Are they analytical? You can find this to be an incredible indicator of how candidates tackle challenges that arise in the company.

5. Hire Individuals Who Are Ready to Commit to Your Company

For your business to successfully thrive and grow, you need individuals who have the drive and who are ready to commit to the role—even it includes occasional boredom, risks, challenges, setbacks, etc. Without committed personnel, your team will be setting itself up for failure.

So, after you’ve conducted the interview, ask the candidate directly whether he or she feels motivated or challenged by the culture of your company and the role’s expectations (and why). You can also have them sign a form indicating that they understand the requirements of the job and agree to the conditions of employment.

Of course, you have the option of hiring on a trial basis to evaluate a candidate’s performance. Advise managers to be watching how well the employee does with team instructions, problem resolution, conflicting opinions, etc. After the candidate’s trial period is up, sit down with team members and managers to assess whether the employee meshes well with team dynamics and is an asset to the company.


Every ambitious company will come to a point where team expansion becomes a necessity, and we’ve shared some of our best tips for approaching the recruiting process. With that said, there’s also an option to work with a recruitment agency if you don’t have the time to screen or connect with the candidates.

Whether you’re looking for volume hiring services or recruiting for a single role, PrincePerelson can help refer top candidates who are ready and pre-screened to fill your positions. We begin with our proven methodology to learn what’s important to your company, and then we get the talent that shares your vision and goals. Contact us today to learn how we can help add skilled employees to your team.