7 Steps to Sealing a Deal with Top Talent

Recruiting is challenging under the best of circumstances. Sorting through resumés and scheduling interviews can grow monotonous, especially when the candidates all come up just shy of expectations. On the other hand, what happens when you do come across that gem of a candidate? Their knowledge and skills are all up to par, and they are well-spoken and answer interview questions insightfully.

A candidate like this does not come along every day, nor are they likely to be unemployed for long. How do you convince top candidates like this one to accept your offer and join your team? Most job applicants choose to take a position based on a variety of factors, so you will need to take a multifaceted approach to win them over.

1. Know Your Reputation

Top candidates likely know their skills and strengths and the strong bargaining position they find themselves in. You can count on them to research your company before submitting their resumé. The good news is that you made their list of great places to work; otherwise, they would not have applied.

However, in researching your company, they may come across opinions or statistics that paint a less than favorable picture. Be prepared to answer their questions honestly and without hesitation. Your willingness to be open about your employee turnover rate, your opportunities for advancement, and why there is a vacant position can quickly dispel any misgivings about working for you.

2. Make a Fitting Pitch

Routine interview questions that seem mundane at the time may be your ticket to hiring a candidate down the road. Take the time to find out why they applied for the position. What opportunities do they believe it will provide for them? Will the promotion be a step up the ladder, provide a title change, offer better pay or more responsibility? Their answers to these questions will enable you to learn about their career goals and professional ambitions.

This critical information can help you sell your company and this position as the path to achieving their goals. Be specific about the opportunities you can offer them both in the position for which they are applying as well as working for your company. They need to know that the organization as a whole will be a good fit for them before they are comfortable accepting an offer to work there. A professional staffing agency can assist in this process by educating candidates about the company and the position you are offering before you begin the interview process.

3. Showcase the Benefits

While you can learn a lot about a candidate during an interview, there is much that you may not discover until you have worked alongside an employee for many years. The benefits that you think are the most important may be inconsequential to your candidate. Different individuals are motivated by various perks. One may be drawn to a position that offers opportunities for international travel, while another is looking for the chance to explore emerging technology. Omitting the wrong options could effectively eliminate a highly-qualified candidate.

4. Offer Competitive Compensation

How well should you compensate a new employee? The answer to this elusive question varies widely and will depend on multiple variables.

  • What are similar positions offering?
  • How much experience does the candidate have?
  • What does the job entail?

It is well worth your time to research current compensation trends within the industry. You can easily avoid losing your top candidate over money if you understand how your offer compares to others. If the candidate is truly the best, present them your best offer.

5. Seize the Opportunity

Be mindful of the amount of time you are asking of your candidates. If the application and interview process is too cumbersome, they may turn to other offers. Know each candidate’s preferred method of contact. Keep them apprised of your progress and their standing. If they are a top candidate, keep in touch, so they know you are still interested. They will appreciate your transparency and decisiveness in moving forward quickly from submitting a resumé to accepting an offer.

6. Show Genuine Interest

The interviewing process requires interviewers to behave equitably, and to a degree, impartially as they evaluate candidates. However, once you have narrowed the pool and identified your top candidates, let them know that you are interested in them. Candidates will be drawn to employers that recognize their talents, abilities, achievements, and see potential in them. Involve the rest of your team in expressing their desire to have your top candidate join the company. Knowing their coworkers see value in their future contributions can make your workplace appealing.

7. Don’t Push

After all you can do, some applicants may still hesitate to sign a contract. If they are particularly cagey about their reasons not to accept your offer, that may be a good indication that they are entertaining other job proposals. If you have made your best sale, offered a competitive salary, and they are still not convinced, they may not be the best fit for your company.

Employers need candidates who can enter the workplace eager to join the team and contribute to the company. Recognizing when a candidate is not entirely sold on your offer can allow you to move on to other promising candidates without hesitation.

Recruiting Utah County’s top talent will always be a challenge. However, using the proper strategy and techniques can increase your chances of signing talented individuals who can help you build and expand your business.


Once you find a top candidate after going through tons of resumes and scheduling interviews, you never want to let them go. You will do whatever you can to get them to accept the offer and join your team. But it is not that easy. There are several factors that require the right approach so you can win a top talent. Read about these here.

7 Steps to Seal the Deal with Top Talent Infographic


7 Steps to Sealing a Deal with Top Talent