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Are You Missing out on Passive Job Seekers?

You try all the usual methods to lure in talent: setting up a ‘careers’ page on your website, getting a booth at a job expo, and advertising roles in the local newspaper. But you don’t get the response you were expecting, with only a small number of candidates lined up for an interview. You might wonder, what gives here? Are these recruiting techniques ineffective?

The truth is that while these methods have their place, they also have limitations. For one, they may help you access active job seekers but not passive ones.

Active vs. Passive Job Seekers

You might be unfamiliar with the term ‘active’ and ‘passive’ when it comes to job seekers, so let’s break it down.

In general, active job seekers are people who are intentionally seeking a new job. They might already be employed but want a change because they dislike their boss, company, or job. Or they like their job, but their company is struggling, so the active candidate wants to switch employers to reduce the risk of a lay-off.

Passive job seekers are individuals who are currently employed and not actively seeking new job opportunities. They are usually satisfied with their job and employer. They may be top performers who are treated well and have a good salary, meaning they have no reason to look outside their current company. However, that does not mean that they won’t be interested in a new position. If an opportunity corresponding to their vision or desire for progression comes along, they might very well think about making a move.

According to LinkedIn, 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent so imagine the opportunities you’re missing out on by limiting your search to active job seekers.

The Benefits of Hiring a Passive Job Candidate

Potential passive recruits may offer the following benefits:

• They have a proven track record. Active job seekers can be risky candidates. Sure, you have their resume and their references, but you don’t always know exactly what you’re getting. Passive candidates are different. Most are currently performing well in their job, and their employer wants to keep them on board. If they’re thriving in their current company, chances are they’ll be a big contributor for your business too.

• They willingly choose you. When you hire someone, you hope that they’ll be committed to your organization for years to come, but you can’t always be sure. If they’re new to the job market, or have recently been laid off, they need a fast paycheck. If you can offer that, they may take the job, but ultimately, you want someone who is truly invested in your company—not just in need of a higher compensation rate.

If a passive job seeker is interested enough in your job offer that they’re willing to leave their current position, they’re not acting out of need or desperation. Chances are, they really love what your company represents and has to offer. When someone joins your company for these reasons, there’s a good chance that they’ll stick around for a while.

• They have the skillset you need. Active job seekers may not always have the exact qualifications you are looking for, or even if they do, they may be a little rusty. Perhaps they’re coming back into the workforce after time off or a period of unemployment. When you target passive job seekers, you can hone in on those who are currently doing the exact things that you need them to do—and doing them well. This will ultimately save you from having to invest too heavily in on-the-job-training and continuing education. Passive candidates can often hit the ground running.

Reaching Passive Job Candidates

If you’d like to unleash the potential of passive job candidates to enhance your workforce, you’re probably wondering how to do it. How do you find these people if they’re happily engaged in their current workplace? And when you do pinpoint ideal passive candidates, how do you woo them?

This is where an experienced recruitment firm can help. Firms like PrincePerelson specialize in cultivating relationships in different industries. They establish broad networks and know who the movers and shakers are. And because they have long-standing relationships with these people, they can approach them without seeming too intrusive.

Well-connected employment agencies help your company know what you might be able to offer over and above a passive candidate’s current work agreement in order to win them over. And you don’t always have to raise the salary. Sometimes people simply want a manager who gives them more autonomy, work-from-home options, more flexible hours, or the freedom to take more days off of work. Or maybe they want to work for a company with a more meaningful social mission, or a greater sense of community in the workplace. When you work with a reputable staffing firm, they can help you know exactly what you need qualify and deliver high-impact passive candidates.

So, if the usual job recruitment efforts aren’t working for your organization, contact PrincePerelson. With over 28 years of experience recruiting in Greater Salt Lake and nationally, we can leverage our connections to identify and deliver high-caliber, passive candidates to take your business to the next level.