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Finding a Job After College: 5 Reasons You Should Contact a Staffing Agency

After four years (give or take), you finally have a coveted diploma in hand. It’s your golden ticket – the cost of admission into the corporate world, where employees get paid time off, 401k matching, stock options, and health benefits. But as you pour over the job postings, you run into a brick wall – work experience requirements. How will you land your dream job when every employer wants to hire someone with experience working in the field?

For many college graduates, their lack of experience is a barrier to gaining the experience they need to launch their careers. And while some do have resumes impressive enough or interview skills good enough to convince an employer to look past this requirement and take a chance hiring them, not all employers are willing to take that risk.

Often entering the workforce through a staffing agency is a graduate’s path of least resistance to gain the work experience they need and the employment opportunities they desire. However, the benefits of taking this oft-overlooked path go well beyond just finding a job.

What Grads Gain from Using a Staffing Agency

1. A Free Resource

Job hunting can feel like you against the world. Without experience, all the skills you acquired in college may still fall short compared to other candidates. A professional job recruiter has the skills, knowledge, and expertise to match you with an employer interested in hiring someone like you. They can help you build a stronger resume, improve your interviewing skills, and give you feedback on your performance in the jobs in which they place you. You get to leverage their professional services at no cost to you. And while the positions they offer you may be temporary or contract work, they could lead to permanent employment down the line.

2. A Wider Network

Successful recruitment firms have a network of companies with whom they place candidates. From large corporations to smaller organizations, they offer a variety of positions and employment opportunities. Many recruiters specialize in a type of recruiting or recruiting for a specific industry. Look for a recruiting firm that specializes in your industry. They will know what skills employers are looking for and have the connections to find you a position where you can gain experience and expand your resume. As a recommended candidate from a trusted resource, some companies will look closer at your resume if you are coming from a staffing agency than if you applied on your own. Recruiters may even hear about job openings that companies never post for the general public to see.

3. Cultural Exposure

Many college graduates have limited exposure to the business world prior to graduation. Learning now what type of work environment and corporate culture fits your work style the best will help you find a job where you will enjoy what you do. Accepting contract placements through an agency allows you to work in a variety of different environments and discover where you might be most successful.

4. Time to Explore

Every college degree can lead to various career paths, and the one you thought you would follow might not be as interesting as it looked on paper. There may even be options you haven’t discovered yet. Contracting in various positions allows you to find your strengths and identify the niche within your field where you would like to work.

5. A Foot in the Door

Hiring a full-time employee is inherently risky. Employers invest time and money into recruiting, training, and interviewing candidates. However, using a staffing agency to fill open slots on a temp-to-hire basis removes these risks for the employer. If a placement doesn’t work out, they can replace them at the end of the temporary employment period. Thus, employers are much more inclined to give new graduates a chance on a temporary basis.

Once you are placed with the company, you have the opportunity to impress them and demonstrate how well you can do the job. This trial period allows both you and your employer to determine if it is beneficial to make the assignment permanent. If you decide the placement is not a good fit, you can ask for an alternate placement. Remember that changes take time, and you may have gaps in employment between assignments.

Easing the Transition

The transition from college to the workforce can be challenging for even the most qualified students. Convincing employers that you have the ability to do the job better than the other candidates who applied may be a tall order. If you are struggling to break into your chosen profession, a Salt Lake City staffing firm can help make that transition smoother for you by providing more options, expanding your contacts, and backing your resume with their stamp of approval. They can help you find your niche in the workplace to start building your career.


Finding a Job After College: 5 Reasons You Should Contact a Staffing Agency


College graduates often need more experience to start their careers. Using a staffing agency is a common way for them to gain work experience and access employment opportunities. Check out the infographic to see the benefits for grads using a staffing agency.

5 Staffing Agency Perks for New Grads Infographic