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Hiring the Best Human Resources Manager

A good human resources manager is essential in securing the human capital to help a company reach its goals. The job of HR manager is not an easy one and requires the careful balancing of many tasks, including crafting recruitment strategies, hiring and firing employees, and dealing with employees’ personal issues.

If your company is looking for a good HR manager, here are some key attributes to focus on:

  • Strong communication skills
    One of the main functions of a good HR manager is to facilitate communication between the employer and the employees. Thus, an HR manager needs to be equipped with A+ communication skills, both written and oral, in order to improve the lines of communication around them.
  • Direct but tactful
    The last thing you want is an HR manager who beats around the bush, especially when it comes to discussing salaries or disciplining or firing an employee. Look for someone who is honest in their communications—while being tactful, of course. Being direct is good, but not if your words land like a battle axe.
  • Level-headed
    HR managers often have to deal with all manner of “he said, she said” disputes. You don’t want someone who is biased or inflammatory in this role—otherwise, they could fan the flames. Choose someone who can stay calm and keep a wise perspective. These qualities can help keep conflicts from escalating and move disputing parties toward a mutually beneficial solution.
  • Proper training
    The laws surrounding human resources can be very sensitive. Breaching these laws can put a company in jeopardy of a lawsuit from disgruntled employees, ex-employees, or potential employees. That’s just one of the reasons that your HR manager needs to have the right training and stay on top of the latest legislation affecting human resources. They should have at least a bachelor’s degree, though some have master’s degrees. You may also require relevant certifications such as PHR (Professional in Human Resources), SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources), HRMP (Human Resource Management Professional), or other certifications.
  • Strong Ethics
    A good HR manager must have a keen sense of ethics. This trait will be important when handling confidential information and ensuring that the company policies are followed by the employees. An HR manager must be trusted by both management and the employees; a strong sense of integrity can help ensure this.
  • Good delegating skills
    An HR manager who tries to take on the world alone or who micro-manages other HR employees can drag an organization down. Make sure that your HR manager is adept at delegating tasks, establishing clear deadlines, and following up to ensure quality completion. They should also have a knack for empowering new HR employees by giving them tasks and mentoring them with consistent feedback.
  • The ability to motivate
    A good HR manager must be a powerful motivator. This can be achieved through displaying a positive, can-do attitude, relaying positive feedback to deserving team members, and setting energizing goals for the HR department to reach.

If your organization is looking for the right people to lead your HR department, contact a professional human resources recruiter. At Prince Perelson, we have far-reaching connections in the HR world and can help you find cream-of-the-crop managers and employees to staff your all-important HR positions.


Hiring the Best Human Resources Manager