How to Get Hired

How to Get Hired

April 15, 2019 10:02 am

Few things can be more demoralizing than not getting a job in spite of your many efforts. You may have been handing out resumes for weeks, spending long days on internet job boards, and beating down the doors of temp agencies. You know you’re a hard worker, but you’re just not making the connections to land the job. What’s wrong?

If you’ve got the job search blues, here’s some advice from leading employment recruiters that could help you present yourself in a way that will appeal to prospective employers.

  • Address the company’s needs
    The organizations that you’re applying to don’t just want to know about you, they want to know what you will do for them. Rather than sending out a one-size-fits-all resume, make sure that you are tailoring it to fit different positions, showcasing how your abilities will benefit the hiring company. This should be reflected in your interview as well. Learn about the company by reading about them online and following their social media posts. Show how you fit into their culture and can contribute to their goals.
  • Be proactive
    If what you’re currently doing to land a job isn’t working, don’t mope around thinking that the world hates you. Pursue new job listings instead of the same old ones. Does your church or community organization have hiring boards? What about the college you graduated from? You should also be flexible in developing new skills. If a lot of the positions you want to apply for require proficiency in a certain type of software, take a class and get qualified. Adapt to fit the needs around you.
  • Network
    You know the old saying, “It’s who you know.” It’s true! Don’t worry if you’re new to your industry. You can still make a splash. Join professional organizations that put you in touch with people in the field, ask an industry leader to mentor you, or offer to volunteer at a company you would love to work for. Tell the people in your social circles that you’re looking for a job. Some people keep that fact hidden because they don’t want to be embarrassed if it takes them a while to get hired, but you’re much better off spreading the word. Perhaps a friend of a friend works for a company that’s hiring, and they’ll recommend you—but they can’t put a good word in if they don’t know you’re looking.
  • Improve your interview
    If an interview is not a comfortable setting for you, you could be missing an opportunity to make a good first impression. Get some trusted friends and mentors together and have them stage a series of mock interview, offering feedback at the end. Don’t get defensive or discouraged. Simply use their suggestions as opportunities to improve. These mock interviews can help you develop confidence so that future job interviews won’t feel so daunting.
  • Don’t be demanding
    Everyone wants to make good money, but you need to be flexible with your salary expectations. Sometimes, it’s worth coming down a little bit on your wage requirements to get your foot in the door if you see opportunities for advancement. Then, once you’ve proven yourself, you can discuss raises and promotions. If you demand a sky-high salary and a slew of benefits, you could come off as entitled and turn off the HR team.

Keep your chin up. Fortunately, the job market is strong right now in many fields and if you have a good work ethic and strong skills, there are plenty of rewarding jobs to be had. Be open to new ways to showcase your qualifications in the best way possible. As you fine tune your job hunting skills, you’ll be able to make connections and show companies that you’re the best choice to meet their needs.