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How to Work with a Recruiter to Find a Job

Working with a staffing agency is a great way to find a rewarding career. If you are considering a career change or are wanting to relocate, a recruiting firm can help you end up in a satisfying and well-paying job with opportunities for growth and advancement. These firms have an inside scoop on the available positions from top companies and can help match you up with the right fit.

But before you reach out to a professional job recruiter, there are a few things you should know. Try these tips for getting the most out of your experience with a professional placement service and landing that perfect job.

Avoid Overdoing It

It may be tempting to submit resumes to different staffing firms when looking for a job, but this is really not a good strategy. Most companies get services from more than one recruiting firm so the resume might be forwarded by several agencies to the same employer. This will place the employer in an uncomfortable position of choosing which agency to work with. In cases like this, the employer may just pass over the jobseeker to avoid the discomfort and confusion.

The best way to work with recruiters is to find one or two firms that specialize in your specific field, whether it be an executive search firm, an engineering recruiter, an administrative assistant recruiter, etc. This will give you more chances to get connected with companies and positions suited to your skills and talent. There will also be fewer chances for duplication.

Be Honest

Make sure that you are honest with your recruiter at all times. Misrepresenting your background or exaggerating your accomplishments will get you nowhere. It’s also good to be frank about your preferences. If you are interested in a position, let your recruiter know, but if not, it’s OK to say so. You aren’t obligated to pursue every job that a staffing firm sends your way. This can be counterproductive for you, the firm, and the potential employer.

Don’t Be Afraid to Come Back

Many people find a lifelong career that they love with the help of a recruiter, but this may not happen in every instance. Circumstances can change over time, or maybe the position is not as good of a fit as it initially seemed. If you find yourself back in the job market, don’t be afraid to contact your old recruiter—even if it has been a couple of years. They know your strengths and can help match you with another company that may be a better fit for your preferences and skills.

Job seeking and career change should not be an overwhelming experience. Employment agencies are plugged into the staffing needs of companies and have a vast network of connections to help land you in the right position. If you go it alone, you may have a harder time finding available opportunities and grow discouraged.

Make sure to choose a recruiting firm with good ratings. You should also be open to their suggestions and coaching. A good recruiting agency can take the pain out of the job hunting process.