Identifying Leaders in Your Workforce

Identifying Leaders in Your Workforce

December 10, 2018 8:11 am

Some employees are game-changers and will help lead your company to success. These tend to be natural-born leaders that are made out of different, tougher stuff than the rest of your employees. It’s important to notice these potential leaders early on in their employment and cultivate their skills so that they can blossom. Fortunately, most of the traits of a good leader are easy to spot, and you’ll know that these people are effective because they tend to make everybody around them work better.

Excellent Communicators

One of the best indicators of great leaders is that they have exemplary communication skills. They can easily pass along their ideas to the rest of the team, the client, and executives. This means that they can break down a thought or process into its basic parts to ensure that the person they are talking to will completely understand what they are saying. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the loudest or most outspoken person on the team is a great leader; being boisterous doesn’t always equate to great communication skills. Sometimes, those that are most reserved actually have the best communication skills because they tend to be very thoughtful and concise with their ideas.

Skilled Listeners

Another trait of great potential leaders is that they listen. Sometimes, people just want to talk and be heard. In these instances, they are only interested in what they have to say and often resist criticism or alternative ideas. This is where a true leader shines because they are open to all forms of feedback and ideas, and they encourage other team members to talk and share their thoughts.

Not Afraid to Fail

An employee who is afraid of failing won’t give 100% effort. They tend to play it safe and only go for things if they know they can succeed. True leaders are risk-takers. They understand that failure is an opportunity for growth and learning. Skilled leaders know when to give it their all and risk everything. If they fail, then they will learn from the experience and improve.

Don’t Seek for Glory

Natural leaders don’t base their worth on how others perceive them. They don’t feel the need to show off or seek praise from others. In fact, bad employees are the ones who often need to prove their self-worth and will stop at nothing to show off. Watch out for employees who are obvious credit-grabbers as this is the complete opposite of what a true leader will do.

Inspirational to Teammates

A potential leader will bring out the best in their teammates. Since they don’t show off or need to prove their worth, they aren’t afraid of handing over the spotlight to other people. They are more than willing to give others the chance to step up and become the star. If you notice a department that is filled with outstanding employees, check to see whether there is one particular employee that is bringing out the best capabilities of everyone else. That person is most likely a natural-born leader.

As you recruit new employees, look for leadership hallmarks that could be cultivated for executive positions. Hiring the right people and empowering them to lead can make all the difference as you strive to advance your company. For help finding top talent for your organization, contact a professional placement service.