Company on Talent Acquisition

Is Your Company Focused on Talent Acquisition?

March 4, 2019 6:22 am

Hiring and talent acquisition—same thing, right? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. These terms are sometimes used interchangeably so people often think they are just different terms for the same process. But the truth is, they mean two different things.

Talent acquisition is a newer term, but many companies find tremendous benefit from employing this process. Whereas hiring is a short-term solution—a quick filling of a job vacancy—talent acquisition is far more strategic. It involves knowing what skill sets are more difficult to fill than others, projecting employment needs into the future, looking at qualified applicants months in advance, and strategically tracking these applicants so that you know what you have to draw on.

Talent acquisition becomes especially important when it comes to hard-to-fill positions. These could include executive or managerial positions. They could also include jobs with a very specific skill set, such as those in the fields of medicine, law, or cybersecurity.

So how do you shift toward a smart talent acquisition strategy? Here are just a few ideas from leading placement agencies:

  • Think forward. Always keep on eye on what your employment needs will be three to six months down the line. If you are thinking of adding another department to your company and will need a manager, the time to start casting around is not the week before you need that person on the job. If you know someone is retiring, you should start working toward filling that vacancy in advance as well.
  • Track talent. A file full of resumes won’t do. If you’re a small company, consider developing a spreadsheet to track talent and resources. If you’re a big organization, look for software that can keep applicants and sources for applicants straight.
  • It takes a village. Human resources may be your go-to department for hiring, but you’ll have better results when you involve all departments. At very least, this can help you spread the word about openings. And who knows? Someone in the accounting department down the hall may know an IT specialist from college who could fill that position you have open.

    But the benefits extend beyond just networking. If you involve your marketing department, for example, they can maximize their efforts to promote your company culture. Just as you need to present yourself well to future customers, you need to do the same for future employees, and your marketing department can help build out your brand to appeal to top talent. Remember hearing about Google’s free food, free haircuts and on-site health care for employees? The marketing department was undoubtedly hard at work sharing those perks. As a result, many of us found ourselves daydreaming about working for the technology company.

  • Use social media. As you seek to tout your company culture, social media is one of your best channels. Post pictures that show what a great place your company is to work. You can even run targeted ads to attract job applicants. You can develop relationships as you join the buzz on Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Talent acquisition keeps you from having to descend into crisis mode every time you need a vacancy filled. It also ensures that you’re getting top-tier employees who will lead your company into the future.

If you prefer to outsource your talent acquisition, contact a professional staffing agency. They can assist you in building a pool of qualified applicants and can also connect you with highly skilled workers. Depending on your specific needs, there’s everything from HR recruiters to engineering recruiters and more. Whatever your niche, there’s a service to help you find top talent.