PrincePerelson Wins 2015 Best of State® Employment/Talent Agencies Award

2015 Best of State® Employment/Talent Agencies Award

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – APRIL 2, 2015 – Prince, Perelson & Associates is one of Utah’s largest and most established specialized recruiting firms. In 1992, Jill Perelson opened a recruiting firm with one employee, today we are more than 30 employees exceeding 11 million in revenue as we service companies of all sizes throughout the wonderful State of Utah.

Why did Jill Perelson open a recruiting firm? Jill was told 22 years ago that “recruiting agencies are a necessary evil.” Recruiters had the reputation of being a very expensive, last resort option and were typically viewed as just a transactional vendor. Jill experienced a heighten level of professionalism through working with prestigious financial services and law firms. It was during this time that Jill passionately believed recruiters could play an instrumental role in elevating the level of business collaborations throughout the recruitment process so in that spirit, Prince, Perelson & Associates was established & continues to prosper today.

According to Inavero, the average client satisfaction ratings for a recruiting firm is 32%. During a recent survey completion of PPA services, 75% rated PPA a 9 or 10 (10 being the highest), 20% rated PPA a 7 or 8, and 4% rated PPA a 6. PPA did not receive any scores lower than a 6. In order to qualify, PPA was required to survey all of their active clients. Prince, Perelson & Associates was delighted that their clients responded, telling PPA they are a recruiting firm that delivers outstanding results. As a result, PPA was recently selected as “BEST of STAFFING- Client Satisfaction for 2015”, a national contest sponsored by Inavero.

The recruiting field is notorious for turnover, which is why the average tenure of a recruiter is 2.8 years. The average tenure of a recruiter at Prince, Perelson & Associates is 12 years. Jill says, “When she hires people, she can’t get rid of them.” Laughing of course, there is obviously a strong work/life balance at PPA provided by a caring leader. And in return for the client, when they invest time into forming a relationship with a PPA recruiter, not only will they benefit from the success of filling that current position, but they can rely on having a long-term relationship with a recruiter that knows their business and hiring style, saving them time and money. Prince, Perelson & Associates has been locally recognized as one of “The Best Companies to Work for in Utah” by Utah Business Magazine in 2013, 2011 & 2008, along with the “Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility” in 2013 & 2007.

Prince, Perelson & Associates client database started in 1992 with a handful of customers and continues to grow. This firm has been responsible for placing thousands of Utah workers into not just a job, but a career of choice. It would probably be easier for PPA to name the companies they have not work with, rather than the ones with have. That shows in their revenue as they have grown 200% within the last five years. Prince, Perelson & Associates was nominated and awarded as “2014 Utah’s fastest 500” by Mountain West Capital Network.

The PPA staff is led by a remarkable CEO, Jill Perelson, that works long hours in both recruiting (aka production duties) and leadership (aka management duties). It is common to see Jill interviewing executives and making senior level placements for our executive search division. She also entrusts and empowers her staff to become leaders within the workplace and community. When Jill is asked about her management style, she laughs because she says, “I don’t manage instead I hire people that care just as much about this business as I do.” This is the reason why the employees of PPA nominated Jill Perelson for 30 Women to Watch in 2006, an award presented to her by Utah Business Magazine.