Latest and Greatest Recruitment Tools

The Latest and Greatest Recruitment Tools

December 23, 2018 8:11 am

Tech and IT companies aren’t the only industries that benefit from the ever-increasing power of science and technology. In fact, a lot of fields and industries that you’d think had nothing to do with software and artificial intelligence (AI) benefit greatly from these advances. Employment agencies have begun using more sophisticated technologies that are significantly impacting the way companies recruit and employ people. If you are looking for an employment staffing firm, or you are handling your own staffing needs, then it is important to be open-minded about these new tools and technology. Here are some of the more popular and useful recruitment trends.

Going Mobile

Most people own smartphones, and nearly everyone connects to the internet via their phones. This means that a majority of the applicants you will engage with are doing so with their smartphones. In order to stay relevant, you need software solutions to optimize and capitalize on this fact. Professional recruitment companies know that there is a huge difference between desktop and mobile websites, which is why they are investing heavily in the creation of apps and mobile-compatible websites.

Gamification for Training and Hiring

Gamification is the process of converting a teaching module, task, or any other training activity into something similar to a game. Not only does this make the work less boring, but studies have shown that it promotes better memory retention as the users are having fun while learning. According to forecasts, this is poised to become a new trend that will have a significant impact on the market as a majority of big-name organizations will have at least one gamified application.

This isn’t just a trend in the training portion of hiring, though, because gamification has the ability to become a game-changer among professional recruiting firms as well. So far, it has significantly improved the efficiency of recruiting by making the application process a hiring attraction that piques people’s interest and is engaging. It is also useful in identifying an applicant’s skill set and noting what role they are most suitable for by using simulation-like game design.


Geolocation is a useful, yet underutilized, technology developed to pinpoint the exact location of a person through his or her smartphone. Advertising companies have begun to use this technology to deliver geo-specific ads targeted to a specific population at a particular place. Recruitment firms, placement agencies, and in-house HR departments can do the same by using geolocation as another parameter by which to connect to potential employees. Geolocation ensures that employers are sending out the proper job ads to the most promising applicants based on the company’s location.

Good professional placement services and HR professionals know that to survive in this ever-changing society, they will need to keep up with the newest trends in technology. Consider looking into these technologies if you want to keep your recruitment tactics up-to-date.