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‘Tis the Season for High-Volume Hiring

Utah’s thriving economic climate has been drawing companies to the Beehive State for years, placing us at the top of Forbes’ “Best States for Business and Careers” list for five of the ten years it’s been around.

But when Netflix decided to open a Salt Lake City call center in November of 2014, they were faced with the conundrum born of a strong economy – the appearance of more jobs than available workers.

To onboard dozens of employees at once, Netflix called in PrincePerelson, and we were more than up to the challenge. Leveraging our already in-place Project Solutions team, we’ve been able to increase the local Netflix workforce tenfold in just one year through an exclusive recruiting-client relationship.

Project Solutions was spearheaded when we began to see a need for large volume hiring, particularly during the holidays or during seasonal peaks. Many call centers grow their workforce exponentially during high-volume times of year, which can prove daunting for even the most seasoned human resource managers.

Gathering a large number of candidates for a project all at once is one thing, while finding quality candidates is something else altogether. Recruiting, vetting and hiring dozens—or hundreds—of workers, while maintaining a sense of urgency, is tantamount to a project’s success. Understanding and balancing the needs of a client against a tight timeline is a skillset developed only after many years of experience in the trenches. To ensure clients have all of their volume hiring bases covered, we assign a dedicated Senior Project Manager and support team of recruiters to manage the project from start to finish, ensuring a solution that is seamless and cost-effective.

When companies like NetflixCS need to grow their Utah workforces quickly and efficiently, it’s imperative that they select a partner with firsthand experience and a strong local foundation. During the past 23 years, from the time we founded PrincePerelson, our growth has matched that of our great state, and we’re thrilled to bring the excitement and confidence that comes with years of client satisfaction to every project we tackle.

By Jill Perelson 

Jill Perelson is the CEO and founder of Prince, Perelson & Associates, one of Utah’s largest and most established specialized recruiting firms. After starting with just 3 employees in 1992, PrincePerelson has grown to more than 30 employees and won numerous accolades for growth and service, while assisting companies of all sizes with every type of hiring need conceivable. Learn more at