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What Constitutes a Great HR Department?

The human resources department is invaluable for even the smallest of companies. Essentially, an HR department handles the ebb and flow of staff recruitment and growth within a business Companies may also require them to deal with discrimination, safety, terminations, policy creation, compliance, and many other areas.

That said, not all HR departments are created equally. They can be high-functioning or downright dysfunctional. This post will discuss high-functioning HR departments and the traits that help them run so well.

Qualities of a Successful HR Department

1. They Prioritize Culture and Skill Development

Great HR departments understand the importance of company culture when it comes to personnel retention and engagement. They will do everything possible to make everyone feel at home. Plus, they understand how important it is to develop and motivate talent. Efficient departments offer skill development resources that help groom talented employees for more technical or higher roles.

Experiencing high turnover in your company? Take a cue from great HR departments’ practice of conducting exit interviews with each outgoing staff member. This allows them to learn if any individuals or policies are churning away their organization’s talent. The whole process revolves around creating an optimal environment for personnel to work and grow, and this stems from an HR division that prioritizes an inclusive company culture plus skill enhancement.

2. They Are Objective and Unbiased

A great HR department does not have any favorites. Even when they are hiring, they won’t recommend the company to a candidate if it isn’t the right fit for their skills. Instead, the department is focused on giving applicants a fair chance to succeed in the workplace.

High-performing HR departments also play a key role in settling conflicts between staff members, offering an objective view of the situation. They do this by conducting an impartial analysis of events through quantitative data, numbers and metrics. This helps to remove subjectivity from decisions regarding the fate of a staffer.

3. They Minimize Risks

Every passing month seems to bring a new regulation or law that your business must comply with. A great HR department will stay on top of these changes. They will take care of tax law, employee law, payroll, firing and hiring considerations, and more to ensure the company remains in compliance with applicable rules.

Although compliance seems like a back-office function at first glance, it plays a significant role in hiring and keeping employees. When recruits see a commitment to regulations, they feel more confident that their employer won’t be caught in a legal battle and that they will be treated fairly in the workplace.

4. They Help Retain Top-Performers

Personnel categorized as high performers only account for 5 percent of a company’s workforce, but they contribute to most of its output. The challenge is to identify such employees and reward them for their exceptional efforts. Top employees require and deserve recognition, and if you don’t give it to them, they’re likely to go elsewhere. According to HR thought leaders, losing your best employees can cost you a minimum of three times their annual salary.

A great HR department can help you retain those key employees by developing a rewards program. The program can offer bonuses, days off and even a designated parking space to staff members who smash their targets for the year. Another incentive could be funding continuing education courses for employees. They’ll be able to develop professionally while your company benefits from their increased training. Win win! Successful employment recruiters know the ins and outs of these perks and other motivators that engage top-performing employees.

5. They Help with Onboarding

When new recruits have little to no information about what the employer expects from them, great HR departments ensure they’re equipped with performance and decorum basics. Human resources teams do this by developing training that new employees will easily understand. The contents may include specifics such as dress code, communicating, writing emails, attending meetings, etc. HR makes this information easily accessible to ensure that everyone is in the loop on how they should act in the workplace.

Successful HR departments also help fresh recruits with other formalities that may arise. For instance, if a female staff member wants maternity leave, the department will handle her leave paperwork. They serve as representatives of both organizations and the people who work there, addressing recruits’ concerns in line with the company’s policies and beliefs.

6. They Embrace New Technology

Imagine an HR department dependent on a file locked away in a cabinet to make key hiring decisions. In today’s technologically advanced world, no amount of organizational skills will help them perform better than human resources using the latest technologies. Great HR departments use tech solutions to manage schedules, address issues like staff management, and even produce performance reports.

Today’s tech tools also help HR monitor workplace satisfaction. Some apps encourage internal feedback while helping define the company culture. For example, TINYpulse is a program that lets HR gather anonymous feedback from staff that they can use to help improve their operations.

When efficient, human resources can become the nucleus of any company. Hopefully, the points above will help you determine whether your HR department is good at what it does or needs an overhaul.

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