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    Staffing for Utah County’s Growing Economy

    Established in 1850, Utah County is the second most populated county in the state of Utah. As of 2022, this fast-growing county was home to over 680,000 individuals, increasing over 30 percent since 2010. While most of the county is located in the Utah Valley, the vast majority of residential and commercial buildings are located at the foot of the Wasatch mountain range, which slopes sharply upwards to the east.

    Utah is often ranked among the top five business-friendly states for its low cost of doing business, low cost of living, and low energy costs. As such, it continues to attract many big businesses and startups. Lehi City, located at the northern end of Utah County, is home to many technology startups specializing in information technology, software development, research, and hardware manufacturing. These businesses include well-known tech giants such as SanDisk, IM Flash, Adobe Systems, and Micron.

    In the last decade, this rapid explosion in technology companies has earned eastern Utah County the nickname “Silicon Slopes,” as it has grown into a technology hub reminiscent of Silicon Valley in California. This tech corridor extends from Salt Lake County to the north through the city of Lehi at the northern end of Utah County through the Canyon Park Tech Center in Orem to Provo, the location of Brigham Young University’s main campus on the southern end.

    As employment opportunities continue to expand and flourish in Utah county, the need for highly skilled and qualified employees and business leaders continues to rise. With offices located in Orem’s Canyon Park Tech Center, PrincePerelson and Associates is conveniently situated among many of these growing businesses. Easy access to Interstate 15, the main thoroughfare in Utah County, ensures PrincePerelson remains in close contact with businesses throughout the county, including those located in the cities of Spanish Fork, Provo, American Fork, and Lehi. Their professional recruiters help Utah businesses staff positions in a variety of settings, from call centers and customer service positions to IT management and c-suite executives.

    How PrincePerelson Meets Utah County’s Hiring Needs

    Focused on finding the right talent for each open position, we look beyond resumés and job listings, considering every aspect of your business in our search for the best job candidate. Our recruiters pride themselves on learning what makes your company unique and on becoming an extension of your team within the job marketplace. Well-acquainted with Utah’s unique culture and staffing needs, we leverage our extensive network to fill vacancies in permanent, temporary, and volume hiring situations.

    Locating the best candidate first requires a thorough understanding of your company’s goals, mission, and values. Each search assignment begins by identifying the key skills, knowledge, attributes, and experience the ideal candidate should possess. We then contact, assess, interview, and screen individuals to deliver you the strongest candidates. Our process saves Utah employers time and money and allows you to expand your search reach through our vast network of connections.

    Long-term placement success depends on ensuring candidates align with company culture, values, and vision while still demonstrating the required skills and experience to perform well. Working in one of the nation’s most religiously homogeneous states, we know the role shared beliefs and goals play in building a strong, unified company culture that supports employee engagement and teamwork. We also strive to assist clients in building an atmosphere that embraces diversity and inclusion, bringing the benefits of innovation and problem-solving to the workplace.

    PrincePerelson’s highly experienced recruiters, specializing in all types of hiring situations, can find top talent to fill the positions in your organization. Contact us at 1-801-532-1000 to get started hiring with our staffing agency experts.

    Four Unique Hiring Divisions

    The employment recruiters at PrincePerelson average over ten years of experience hiring in their respective industries. Specialization allows our recruiters to focus on networking with skilled individuals, thought leaders, and innovators within their field of expertise. This expansive network streamlines the recruitment process by providing a ready pool of top candidates from which we can draw to provide you with excellent hiring prospects.

    Our staffing firm has four distinct hiring divisions, each aimed at executing successful hiring for different purposes. Together they address the varied needs of our diverse client base.

    1. Permanent and Contract Placement

    Finding the most qualified and skilled candidates to fill vacancies in your organization can be a challenging and costly process. PrincePerelson’s recruiters can bolster your search efforts and help to ensure a better fit and higher employee retention rates by narrowing the candidate pool to those who possess the right skills and proficiencies and share your organization’s vision.

    Our professionals can assist with every step of the recruiting process, including:

    • Placing job listings
    • Contacting applicants (and passive candidates)
    • Reviewing resumés and/or CVs
    • Tracking applicants
    • Administering assessments
    • Checking references
    • Credentialing
    • Onboarding

    Avoiding skills mismatches and cultural differences that lead to employee disengagement and attrition are vital to achieving company goals. We recognize your time and monetary investment in the recruiting process is significant and seek to protect that investment by providing the best match for your organization.

    1. Temporary Staffing

    Employers across the Wasatch Front seek temporary staffing solutions to meet their needs for a variety of reasons, including:
    Increased holiday demand
    Preparation for anticipated growth
    Long-term employee absences due to illness or family leave
    Augmenting staffing on a project
    Testing employee fit before offering a full-time position
    Expanding the skill set of your team
    Filling a vacated position quickly

    Our recruiters know that temporary staffing needs often arise unexpectedly, and staffing key roles can be vital to day-to-day operations. PrincePerelson continually interviews and screens candidates to maintain a current roster of qualified candidates ready when we need to draw upon it.

    While temporary staffing is often beneficial for employers, it is also an attractive option to employees looking to change their employment status. Short-term employment allows individuals to try their skills in a new field through a temporary or temp-to-hire position. These opportunities provide education and exposure to a new industry. Employees who choose to pursue careers in their newfound field can pursue more education or find employment through temp-to-hire options.

    1. Volume Hiring

    While the rapidly growing job market in Utah is indicative of business success, it brings with it hiring challenges as companies struggle to staff new departments, locations, and expanding projects. Human resources departments with little experience scaling their traditional hiring practices to identify many qualified candidates quickly may struggle to find the right individuals with the proper skills.

    The volume division of PrincePerelson, focuses entirely on the high volume hiring and recruitment needs, providing effective, scalable solutions for employers experiencing rapid growth and expansion. Volume streamlines the search and recruitment process for both employers and job applicants. Their network of available talent provides a reliable source of skilled professionals ready and able to work without sacrificing quality.

    Volume further supports high volume call center employers by offering networking opportunities. Working together at Volume roundtables, call center employers discuss solutions to overcoming shared challenges within their industry. Topics addressed in the past include:
    Managing remote employees
    Increasing employee engagement
    Creating ideal job profiles
    Best practices for call center recruiting

    1. Executive Search

    PrincePerelson’s executive search division, known as Diestel, is a results-oriented firm aimed at identifying high-impact leaders to fill top positions within Utah and nationwide. Diestel regularly leads executive search efforts for industry leaders, emerging innovators, and Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 1997, Diestel’s top recruiters possess industry-specific knowledge and experience. Fields that fall within their expertise include:

    • Life Sciences
    • Sales and Operations
    • Non-Profit
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Technology
    • Industrial

    Recruiting the best c-suite executive is often a delicate matter, as many of the best candidates are among those who are currently employed elsewhere. However, our dedication to privacy and confidentiality allows us to reach these candidates on your behalf to offer them an opportunity to join your organization without jeopardizing their career or your reputation.

    A woman-owned business, PrincePerelson is a firm supporter of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Diestel Executive Search supports this vision by assisting organizations in cultivating a culture where diverse opinions, methods, and experiences are valued. Diestel’s executive recruiters can help you identify candidates who bring differing perspectives, experience, and expertise to your organization.

    A Celebrated Utah Leader

    With over 30 years of experience staffing Utah companies, PrincePerelson has established itself as a leading recruiting firm in Utah, earning them “Best of Staffing” for their exemplary client satisfaction. They have also been recognized on the Staffing Industry Analyst’s “Diversity Staffing Firms” List and their list of “Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms.”

    Operating in one of the few states whose GDP grew rapidly between 2010 and 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the future looks bright for PrincePerelson and their clients. The November 2021 Roadmap to Prosperity Dashboard reported that job growth between 2019 and 2021 in Utah was the highest in the nation, reaching 3.4%. During the same time period, Utah saw a drop in unemployment to only 2.4%. Other data suggest that the growth has not been even across industries. Many employees are changing jobs and working in new sectors of the economy.

    This unparalleled growth is likely to continue as businesses, individuals, and families flock to Utah to take advantage of the climate. Not only is the state business-friendly, but it is family-friendly as well. Utah is a deeply red state known for its conservative values, emphasis on families, and strong work ethic. With one of the highest birth rates in the United States and one of the only states with a birth rate that exceeds the death rate, Utah’s population will continue to grow in the coming years. This growing population will support a strong economy in Utah County, drawing ideas and corporations.

    Through all this growth and shifting, PrincePerelson stands ready, as the leading Utah County recruiting firm, to match prospective employees with employment opportunities. With the ability to reach top performers both inside and outside the state, their recruiting efforts can help growing Utah companies and those expanding into the state to thrive along the Silicon Slopes of the Wasatch Mountains.

    Call 1-801-532-1000 to speak with our recruitment experts about your organization’s staffing needs. Whether you’re planning for CEO succession or foresee a volume hiring event in your corporation’s future, we can help you attract and identify the most qualified candidates. People who can advertise, collaborate, lead, innovate, and motivate others to create a bright future for your organization.